Hanging Your Artwork

Now that your have your picture frames all organised, it’s time to consider the hanging and display of your new frames. We offer contemporary picture framing hanging systems that makes hanging artwork so easy and look so professional. The Gallery System and Slimline Art Hanging System make achieving the perfect layout stress free. It is so easy to make the big changes or little adjustments you want and all without damaging your walls!

The Gallery System

Designed for commercial use, this heavy duty hanging system is often used in the home as well. The system is comprised of white or silver anodised track, hanging tape or wire and hooks. For more information give us a call! Click here to read more about the Gallery System.

Slimline Art Hanging System

This hanging system has been designed to be very unobtrusive and is perfect for the home or office.  The slim track is designed to butt up against your ceiling or cornice making it less noticeable. We’d love to tell you more about Slimline, just give us a call! Click here to read more about The Slimline Art Hanging System.

Split Batten Hanging System

The Split Batten Hanging System is a system of hanging that is extremely strong and suitable for large heavy artworks and mirrors. The concealed rail fixings, as well as being very strong, have the added benefit of holding the artwork very close to the wall. For this reason alone we have also seen this system employed for large lightweight pieces such as canvases. We stock split batten in both timber and aluminum.

Professional Hanging Services

We can take the stress out of your art hanging experience by organising for our preferred hanging professionals to do it all for you!

Security Hanging System

This system reduces the possibility of theft by affixing wood and metal frames to walls with a special set of hardware. It is a simple but effective three-point fixing, using special T-head security screws into the wall.