The Importance of Quality Materials

When it comes to professional custom framing, we know how vital it is to use premium quality materials to achieve the best results.

We believe that picture framing serves a dual purpose:

1. Aesthetically enhance your artwork

2. Protect the artwork for longevity

Framing your artwork with poor quality materials can cause permanent damage to your valued piece. Picture framing is not just about presenting your artwork in its’ best light. What may look good at first can over time visibly damage and devalue your artwork. That’s why it is so important to use premium quality materials in the framing of your precious memories.

Let’s take a look at the components of the picture frame:

The Frame

We offer an enormous selection of frames that are sourced from around the globe and we are confident we can create the look you are after. Each frame is cut and joined in our workshop by experienced craftsman, to your required dimensions.  Whether it is minimalist, mid century modern, or even opulent ornates, we can cater to your design needs!

Take a look at this gorgeous range of “Bellini” Italian frames

Mounting Board

The mounting board is the substrate that supports your artwork within the frame.  A poor quality mount board can leach acid into the artwork and cause staining which is called foxing. Conservation framing requires acid free mounting substrates such as; rag board, acid free fome core, core flute or aluminium.

Mat Board

Mat board is the decorative boarder that sits around the edge of the artwork. It creates a comfortable balance between the image and the frame. While enhancing your work aesthetically, the mat board also has another important function within the picture frame. The mat board acts as spacer between the glass and the artwork, preventing contact and sticking between the glass and the artwork.  Because mat board comes into contact with the artwork, it is important to only use conservation grade mat board.

At Abel and City Framing we stock premium quality acid free mat boards.


All artwork on paper requires glazing protection. Glazing not only protects your artwork from pollutants and surface dust, it can also protect your artwork from colour fading UV rays. We offer many different types of glazings; from fade resistant UV protective glass, to shatterproof acrylic, as well as optically coated non-reflective glass. There is so much to choose from and we are happy to help you make the best choice for your artwork.

Non-reflective glass                           Ultraview glass

UV filter glass                                      Acrylic/Perspex

Museum glass